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Elevate your team with our flexible leadership solutions. From full-time roles to customized fractional support, we blend seamlessly with your team for strategic growth.

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The Power Duo: Expertise Doubled, Results Redoubled

Empower your project with the combined force of our CTO and CMO expertise. Mimi and I bring a fusion of visionary technology and marketing leadership, along with an expansive network, to supercharge your team’s potential. We’re not just filling roles—we’re catalyzing growth, innovation, and success.

Meet Matthew LaCrosse

A dynamic leader with 15 years of experience in elevating startups and driving substantial growth. As a Chief Marketing Officer, Matthew’s strategic prowess has been instrumental in raising over $100 million for various ventures and notably increasing MetaEngine’s valuation from $40 million to $250 million. His expertise extends into Web3, the Metaverse, and LLMOps & Automation, where he has set industry benchmarks for innovation and operational efficiency.

Matthew’s deep market insight and adaptability ensure strategies that resonate with audiences, driving sustainable growth. With his extensive network, a suite of advanced tools, and a passion for nurturing products from inception to market dominance, Matthew is more than an expert; he’s a strategic ally dedicated to transforming visions into successful business realities.

Meet Mimi Phan

A software engineering luminary with 20 years of experience in spearheading impactful tech solutions. Renowned for her hands-on approach in AI, blockchain, and mobile applications, Mimi’s tenure at Northrop Grumman and MetaEngine exemplifies her versatility and strategic leadership in transforming concepts into successful products. Her role transcends traditional engineering, embodying a solution-focused mindset that drives innovation and team synergy.

Mimi’s technical prowess is complemented by her inclusive leadership and deep commitment to societal welfare through technology. Her ability to mentor and guide cross-functional teams positions her as a pivotal figure in any tech venture, ensuring that projects not only excel in innovation but also align with strategic business goals. With Mimi, you gain more than expertise; you empower your project with a visionary leader dedicated to delivering excellence and transformative results.

How It Works

Tailored Approach for Targeted Results


Free Discovery & Strategy Session


Start with a complimentary 30-minute session where we get to the heart of your business. We’ll explore your unique challenges and ambitions, setting the stage for a bespoke strategy tailored just for you. This personalized roadmap is your first step towards transformative results.

Dynamic Engagement & Customized Focus

Choose the depth of our involvement to perfectly match your project’s rhythm and requirements. Our dynamic engagement model ensures that you get the right mix of strategic guidance and hands-on leadership, precisely when and where you need it. Opt for our adaptable retainer packages, ranging from a minimal 5-hour weekly commitment to full-time dedication, all facilitated through a transparent Stripe retainer system for ease and clarity.

What People Say

Working with Matthew was transformative for Lucyd. Their strategic vision in branding and marketing directly fueled our rapid growth and market penetration. Truly an asset to any team.
Harrison Gross
Lucyd CEO
Matthew's expertise in digital marketing and strategic partnerships was pivotal for MetaEngine's success, driving our valuation and establishing us as leaders in the blockchain gaming space.
Antoine Castel
MetaEngine CEO
Matthew brought unparalleled marketing insight to Swarm, turning complex blockchain concepts into compelling narratives that captivated our audience and investors alike.
Joel Dietz
MultiversalMe CEO
Matthew's vision and execution were crucial in launching ImpossibleBags. His efforts from branding to sales strategy enabled us to enter the market swiftly and achieve profitability.
Daniel Riceberg
Impossible CEO
Matthew's marketing acumen and innovative approaches have been instrumental in Andra Capital's growth. His contributions have left a huge mark on our success.
Haydar Haba
Intelelpeer & Andra CEO
Matthew's creativity and strategic insight transformed TD Commercial Group's brand, catapulting us to unprecedented success in the commercial real estate market
Ted Dowding
TD Commercial Group CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the billing work?

Billing is structured based on the specific package you choose, ranging from part-time advisory to full-time hands-on involvement. We offer flexible payment terms through a secure Stripe retainer system, ensuring transparency and ease of transaction. We each have a total of 50 hours per week available.

Do I get the both of you?

Absolutely! You benefit from the combined expertise of both of us. Depending on your project's needs, we tailor our involvement, ensuring you get the right mix of skills at every stage. While we prefer a 50/50 split of our time, we understand every project has unique needs. At a minimum we will do a 90/10 split of time to ensure you get the benefits of both our knowledge, network, and brain-power at least 10% of the time.

How long have you two been working together?

We've been working together since 2020. We compliment each other very well. Matthew has a ton of experience in the technology, engineering, and product side of things and Mimi has been trained in all things sales & marketing by Matthew.

Can the scope of work change after the project begins?

We understand that business needs can evolve. We're open to discussing scope adjustments to ensure that our services continue to align with your goals and deliver maximum value.

How do you ensure confidentiality and data protection?

Your confidentiality and data protection are paramount. We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and employ robust data protection measures to ensure that your information is secure at all times.

Do you have access to a team of freelancers and experts?

Yes, we have a robust network of highly skilled freelancers and experts ready to support your project. Our content team specializes in creating SEO-optimized blog articles that drive significant traffic through strategic content marketing. Our talented designers and developers are adept at crafting micro-sites, landing pages, and various sales or marketing materials to enhance your digital presence. Additionally, we maintain close relationships with specialists in email marketing, data mining, and AI-assisted workflow automation development, ensuring that we can offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your business needs."

Are you an agency?

We're not a traditional agency; think of us as your strategic partners. Our model is to work closely with a select few projects, offering personalized, high-level expertise rather than a broad-based agency approach. We work on anywhere between 1 to 4 projects at a time.

What seniority level do you come in at?

Our involvement is flexible and adapts to your organization's structure and needs. While we bring executive-level experience and operate with the strategic insight of a CMO and CTO, we can align our roles to fit your team's hierarchy, ranging from executive leadership to specific roles like VP, Head of, or Manager, depending on who's leading the project on your end. Our goal is to integrate seamlessly with your team, providing leadership and expertise where it's most needed.

What are the contract terms?

Our contracts are designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate your evolving business needs. Terms are clear, with no hidden fees, and we discuss and agree on the scope, duration, and deliverables before commencing any project.

How do I get my growth blueprint?

After our initial strategy session, we'll work closely with you to develop your Growth Blueprint. You'll receive a comprehensive document outlining tailored strategies, an implementation roadmap, and key performance metrics, delivered within an agreed-upon timeframe.

What makes your approach unique compared to other consultants or agencies?

Our unique approach lies in our hands-on, executive-level involvement and our commitment to working with only a few clients at a time. This ensures that you receive our full attention, deep expertise, and a truly customized service. Our aim is to go above and beyond at every stage to ensure a long-term relationship.

What tech stacks and tools do you work with?

We're not just tool users; we're tool masters. Our arsenal includes over 80 SaaS tools, collectively valued at over $100,000, ensuring we have the right tool for every challenge. In 2023 alone, we've tested more than 150 AI tools, and we continuously monitor the market for emerging technologies with our dedicated scrapers and notification systems. Our obsession with innovative software tools means we're always equipped with cutting-edge solutions to optimize and drive your business's success.

Schedule Your Complimentary Strategy Session

We work closely with an exclusive number of partners to ensure personalized, in-depth service.

Ready for dedicated expertise that drives real results? Schedule your complimentary strategy session with us today and review our “Growth Blueprint”.

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