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Save money by learning to delegate tasks.

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What do we need to do on our end?2022-03-18T20:54:05+00:00

We will have a short call so that I can understand your objectives. We will then develop a strategy and present some options that we think will provide the most value to you. You only need to approve the strategy, messaging, prospecting list, and make sure to have an active Sales Navigator subscription.

How long does everything take to setup and launch?2022-03-18T20:55:38+00:00

We can typically have your campaign up and running within just a few days. We actively monitor your account and provide weekly updates. It’s up to you to follow up with messages on your account but we will make sure to keep optimizing the campaign and adding fresh new prospects daily.

How do you get such good deliverability and open rates?2022-03-22T16:55:15+00:00

Using a massive database we are able to connect with more than the 100 per week limit set by LinkedIn because we have the prospect’s email address. Matthew has been doing this service for more than 4-years for several hundred clients across countless accounts, he is an expert copywriter, researcher, and business development strategist.

Do you offer any type of guarantee?2022-03-18T20:58:28+00:00

While we do not offer any type of money-back guarantee we do offer a guarantee of satisfaction. This process we have developed is extremely labor-intensive and also has a high overhead from the acquiring, cleaning, manual processing, and input of all data to all of the tools needed to make it successful. For those reasons, we can not offer any type of money-back guarantee. However, our satisfaction guarantee ensures just that. Meaning that if for some reason you aren’t entirely happy with the results of your campaign, we will continue to run the campaign free of charge until you yield satisfactory results.

How else can we use this service?2022-03-18T20:59:21+00:00

To think about how best to use this powerful growth marketing tactic you need only think about your own objectives. Depending on your goals and what can best benefit your project, we can shift our messaging and targeting. You could for instance go after business partnerships, social influencers, media outlets, traders, high net worth individuals, clients, potential employees, advisors, investors, and so much more.

Do you offer any additional services?2022-03-18T21:01:41+00:00

All of our clients receive complimentary consultation services. We will help advise you on your website design, funnel, pitch decks, and other sales or marketing-related content. We will do our best to guide you on marketing experiments you should test, channels you should explore, and tools you should add to your arsenal. We can also provide you with additional prospect data so that you can use it for paid advertising, cold calling, and more. Our services tend to focus on specialties within sales development, prospecting, and outreach. Some of these specialties include: Investor Outreach, Journalist Outreach, Influencer Outreach, Giveaways, Cold Email Outreach, Advisor or Partnership Outreach, Data Mining, Tool & Automation Support.

What are the payment terms?2022-03-18T21:05:52+00:00

Our base service of one LinkedIn account, including all software expenses, prospect data, cleaning, etc. is $497 per month and requires a 2-month commitment. There is no setup fee but the service fee is paid upfront to cover the initial setup, labor, and operational expenses. We have clients that have us create new accounts, build them up, and clients that have us running 10 to 20 accounts simultaneously each month.

Extra prospecting data (clean email addresses) can be purchased separately for just .20 cents per lead.

Otherwise for payment, we accept major credit cards, bank transfers, Venmo, PayPal, and most cryptos.

Put more time into what you do best.

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