Welcome to My Journey

I built this as a thought experiment after struggling to help people get to understand my experience. I found that a resume and a simple conversation just didn’t suffice so I wanted to do something different that might help people better understand me. 

September 14th, 1984

A little red-headed baby is born to a single mama who was only 17-years old. 

September 1989

Mom gets married and I get a step-dad with a sailboat. 

December 1989

Got my first NES with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, oh yea!

January 1991

My new baby brother, Brandon enters the scene. 

September 1992

I get a Sega Genesis for my birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Street Fighter time!

July 1993

We move out to the country, enter Delano, MN population >2000 and I get ready to start 3rd grade. 

June 1994

Spent the summer sailing but got hit by a tornado and our boat capsized, had to seek shelter on an island!

August 1994

We move 20 minutes outside town to a little house on 15 acres of woods right next to the river. 

September 1994

Just got an ATV Honda 250cc BIG RED 4-wheeler for my birthday, look out state trails, here I come!

March 1995

Our school gets Apple power macs and I start playing Oregon Trail and Number Crunchers obsessively. 

April 1997

Parents get divorced and I have to move to the ghetto to live with my Auntie, start 7th trade in South Minneapolis.

July 1997

Spend the summer playing basketball in the hood with guys 3X my age and get really good!

Janurary 1998

My Uncle is a computer programmer and he starts teaching me about HTML and the World Wide Web. 

June 1998

We move to our own place in Burnsville, MN. I make a friend a year younger me who opens my world to hacking, MIRC, Everquest, and building PC's.

August 1998

I get my first PC, a Compaq intel Celeron 333 mhz and spend the next 2 years playing Everquest obsessively. 

July 1999

Have to call child protective services to escape my Mom and I go to live with my older step-brother before starting 8th grade. 

June 2000

Move back to Delano to live with my step-dad and start high school. Spend the summer playing Everquest and am making bank selling accounts on eBay. 

August 2001

Begin working in the restaurant industry and painting houses on the weekend.

December 2002

Having an awesome time in high school, partying a lot but playing basketball, football, spending the summers on the lake fishing and wakeboarding. 

May 2003

Finally graduate high school and Delano is ranked the #2 school in the state academically. 

August 2003

I decide to walk away from the University of MN to enroll at the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. 

September 2003

Get the new Macbook G4 laptop with Pro Tools and the new iPod with some Bose headphones for school!

October 2004

Mom gets killed in a tragic death, I'm next to kin and have to plan her funeral. 

November 2004

I drop out of IPR after 2 semesters, loved the business side of the music industry but decided producing wasn't for me. 

March 2006

End up landing a job doing apartment maintenance for the 3rd largest property management company in the Country which allows me to get my own apartment.

June 2008

Move to the 5th largest property management company and become the youngest maintenance supervisor in the history of the company. 

August 2008

Dominium sends me to college where I receive a certificate in property management and real estate. I go on to be nominated for national awards and even break a few records. 

March 2009

I purchase my first home and a few of my friends from high school move in with me. I make a new friend in Mexico from Ghana who's at Cornell on a full ride and my entrepreneurial journey begins. 

April 2010

I decide to leave property management and start my own business building WordPress sites, repairing computers and Xbox's. 

February 2011

My friend convinces me to leave everything behind and move to San Diego to start a new journey. 

June 2011

Spent the summer club promoting and end up meeting Haydar who founded 2 companies that both went over $1b in revenue. He becomes my mentor and my digital marketing career takes off. 

August 2011

Start a window cleaning company that does $145k in revenue the first year and sell it the following year. Get accepted into The Founders Institute for my first startup BizBlaster. 

March 2012

Start a pool cleaning company that gets to $60k recurring revenue the first 3 months and sell it the following year. I am working tirelessly with various investors and startups in Silicon Valley through my relationship with Haydar. 

June 2012

Purchase my first sailboat and spend the next year out enjoying San Diego and taking dozens of online courses about LEAN entrepreneurship, digital marketing, product design and much more. 

June 2013

My son Dylan Avery LaCrosse is born and I'm super excited to be a father!

December 2013

We sell everything and move to Upstate NY where I begin learning aquaponics and organic farming at Cornell University. 

May 2014

We move to Florida where I join a new small startup accelerator as a business and marketing advisor. 

October 2014

We move back to California to be closer to family. I learn Magento and build an organic food eCommerce store called Pure Organic. 

January 2015

I help my partner launch a mobile notary business and get her to $5k/mo in the first 60 days. Then end up systemizing the process thus launching a national MaaS for notary businesses and sell it on Flippa. 

March 2016

Land a gig with an SEO agency where I learn white-hat link building processes while working with several Fortune 500 brands. 

July 2016

I discover open courseware at MIT and Stanford and end up taking half a dozen classes there for free mostly related to business psychology, sociology, and human behavior. 

April 2017

At this point have mastered WordPress and have built more than a dozen websites for various startups while consulting them on MarkOps, MVP's and LEAN practices.  

June 2017

Land a contract with Swarm and fly up to SF where I work with Joel Dietz the creator of Metamask. My intro to the world of Blockchain and Crypto is CRAZY!

July 2017

Help co-host an investor party at Gil Penchina's clock tower penthouse in SF. 

February 2018

Spent the past 6 months productizing services for ICO's. Build lead gen tools like chatbots that educate institutional investors on crypto while traveling the US attending various blockchain conferences. 

March 2018

I introduce Haydar to Early Boykins and help them launch Andra Capital, a security token fund in SF. 

July 2018

At this point I've consulted for more than 40 blockchain based startups while providing marketing services for a dozen different ICO's leading to more than $100M raised. Some projects include: Swarm, Totle, Xtrade, Hyprr, Howdoo, Lucyd, STEX, JoyToken, Academe, and Titus Coin. 

August 2018

Take on a passion project and help launch a Ramen restaurant in Emeryville, they later go on to win lots of awards. Get them to $40k monthly revenue in the first 60 days. 

January 2019

Join EPIK.gg as fractional CMO and fly up to Seattle to meet with ex SVP and VP of Nintendo America. Work with William Entriken (lead author of NFT ERC-721) and Alexey (founder of Tetris) and learn about blockchain gaming.

May 2019

Take a couple of months off to spend with family and move back to CA after spending a year living in Las Vegas.

June 2019

Help my friend Ted Dowding launch his commercial real estate brokerage, he ends up doing $100M in closed deals his first year. 

August 2019

Join Megafans.com as fractional CMO and help them launch an exciting new esports for mobile gaming platform. 

May 2020

Rejoin Lucyd as fractional CMO to help them pivot and launch a smart eyewear company. Get to spend a couple of months in Miami and help them get to $10k/mo in revenue. Land Richard Sherman as a brand ambassador.

June 2020

Join Ideagist's new blockchain accelerator as one of a dozen advisors and get to work with some really interesting people all over the world. 

November 2020

Launch my own SaaS just for fun and for client work (WOWlutions), an all-in-one cold email marketing suite.

February 2021

Got recruited by Jay Moore at DGBlabs & Prasaga as a fractional CMO to help them reach investors. 

September 2021

Got recruited by Anders and join IKONIC as a fractional CMO and help them build out all of their MarkOps and infrastructure for G2M. 

Thank you for learning about my journey.

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